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America was forged. From nothing came everything we believe in. But the America our grandparents once knew is not the America we now know. Pete Roberts explores how our ancestors used their minds, hands and daylight to build this great nation. Have you forgotten your history? Have you forgotten that you and me, men and women are the ones who drive true change. Have you forgotten that our independence was won through the sacrifice of our ancestors. That what we have is the sum of their works. A movement of the people is the true power we have. But the greatest legacy they left is not the bridges and buildings, it's this thing we call Freedom. That unified we can move mountains. It's not business as usual, Pete builds parallels between the past, the present and the future. He discusses how to reconstruct the grit, values, and work ethic through his personal experiences and of those who have been there.
E99. Monopoly In America (1/2)
E99. Monopoly In America (1/2)
  • GreatNiMiDesignGreat
    By NiMiDesignI've been listening for years, lots goes into making this amazing content -nothing else like it!
  • Pete is Hank ReardenDan TunaPete is Hank Rearden
    By Dan TunaSo inspiring to hear Petes stories. He’s capable and works to solve problems, even if it means procuring his own means of production or supply lines. This is what America needs Keep up the great work
  • Good info, lack of consistencyBFE Farming SpecialistGood info, lack of consistency
    By BFE Farming SpecialistGood content but poor consistency. Previous podcast they said they’d release a new episode every two weeks or so. Haven’t seen a new one since April. Disappointing
  • Much respectHurricane SZNMuch respect
    By Hurricane SZNWe need more voices like this who are proud of their American heritage. More voices like this who are not going to buckle to the creeping Marxism that is ever accelerating in our nation. I’m thankful to have discovered this.
  • Leadership goldBlueCollarWarriorLeadership gold
    By BlueCollarWarriorI follow Pete in his business endevors and through this podcast. It has lead me to build our platform. Taking America Back with hands and daylight with Blue Collar Warriors!!! Thanks Pete!!!
  • E. 97 Opportunity Costs, Risks, & Rewards1TILAWAE. 97 Opportunity Costs, Risks, & Rewards
    By 1TILAWATwo points taken from the podcast: Keep moving forward. Always have a backup plan. Figuring the latter supports the former, Will start by (working towards) always having a backup plan in order to move forward.
  • Origin Maine: Get Some! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸shankadoodleOrigin Maine: Get Some! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    By shankadoodleExcellent podcast. Bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA. Love listening to these guys. My only wish is they need to produce more episodes! 1/19/21: they’re back! I LOVE THIS PODCAST. You will not find anyone more authentic than Pete Roberts and Brian Littlefield.
  • Listen to the 1st episode!LoadMaster11Listen to the 1st episode!
    By LoadMaster11It’s MLK day 2021 and I just discovered this podcast and listed to the 1st episode. That episode was recorded in 2018 and it blew me away with the wisdom shared. I want everyone to listen to the statement made on the 1st episode! Ok, Now I will go and enjoy listening and discovering the rest of the episodes on this podcast. I see there is a long list. I recognize some names I am already familiar with Like Echo Charles.
  • Inspiration the American WayGreg CappelloInspiration the American Way
    By Greg CappelloThis is all about bringing back something that was great in our country but fell away. You will learn a lot about yourself and your business whatever it is. I can tell you this isn't about living in the past, it is about building a new future. I love the theme, the history, and it is entertaining. Great work Pete!
  • InspirationalopensesameTALInspirational
    By opensesameTALThank you for shining light on the roots of this beautiful country especially my home state of Maine and for giving me a reason to be proud of my scarred and dirty hands that I sometimes feel self conscious of. Going out to chop more wood now! 💪🏽
  • InspirationalRfgdruInspirational
    By RfgdruWhat Pete and Origin are doing is honorable. Bringing back manufacturing to the United States is what we need. The greed that has taken over the world and moved manufacturing out of the United States is shameful. I’ve worked in manufacturing, my father has worked in manufacturing etc. I’ve worked for companies that moved the work out of the the United States and just recently they went bankrupt. Karma maybe. But I believe in Pete and Origin. They are doing what is right. The podcast is very inte …
    By Nrichardson.rcisTo: porterchilsen: Whoever you are, you clearly are a complete ignoramus! This is your review of the podcast on Seems this guy is trying to create a 1950s America. White owners and white labor selling to white America — and celebrating it. Their challenge: how will their business model work in 21st century America especially if they don’t recognize they have a problem? News flash, jackass: this has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with the country that you pres …
  • FOR SURE the most legit podcast to date. Definitely.nickcowtonFOR SURE the most legit podcast to date. Definitely.
    By nickcowtonLove listening to these podcasts, and Brians phrases (Living the dream!) One of the most inspirational I’ve listened to in a long time and I really appreciate the hard work and dedication you guys put into this and everything you do at Origin. USA forever!
  • Got meNana hagaGot me
    By Nana hagaI keep hearing people talk about podcasts and what they listen to etc. I’m a Jocko fan, Military member, BJJ enthusiast, and most importantly I’m a Mainiac. This tells more about the world and then adds the flavor of the Maine worker, Amazing.
  • Podcast and company for nostalgic white peopleporterchilsenPodcast and company for nostalgic white people
    By porterchilsenSeems this guy is trying to create a 1950s America. White owners and white labor selling to white America — and celebrating it. Their challenge: how will their business model work in 21st century America especially if they don’t recognize they have a problem?
  • AmericaScotal103America
    By Scotal103Thank you for the podcast, what this country needs more than ever.
  • GreatfulLUGO12Greatful
    By LUGO12Your podcast is so inspiring. Thank you so much for the insight in what it takes to be successful in America, the greatest country on planet earth. Much respect to what you are building with Origin. Will support the brand and concept all I can. a Greatful American
  • Glad to have you back!Gavin MesserlyGlad to have you back!
    By Gavin MesserlyI got this notification on my phone of a new episode I opened it INSTANTLY!!! Happy to have you back on the mic!
  • Hooked…Thankful SoldierHooked…
    By Thankful SoldierStarted this podcast after hearing about Origin from Jocko Podcast… Pete the American and Brian the brains of the machine are a great duo and compliment each other well. Straight forward talk and advice. They explain a way, not “the” way, to build a successful entrepreneurship. I dig it…
  • Can't stop listeningnatestarCan't stop listening
    By natestarI've been geeking out on this podcast lately. I love everything about it. It's so pro-Maine. I dig the history, the examples of hard working men and women, the practical guidance. It's inspiring. Maine is a tough place to run a successful business. Manufacturing has all but left the State leaving behind a lot of hurt and hopelessness. Pete and his team are returning hope. Hands and daylight is about light shining in the darkness.
  • American MadeMICHAEL ANGELO 3American Made
    By MICHAEL ANGELO 3Always love hearing the journey of Pete and crew into manufacturing American made products.
  • MotivatedAn American WorkerMotivated
    By An American WorkerMotivated. These fine gentlemen will educate you on all the glories of being a hardworking American. Inspire you by pulling you right into the supply chain of cotton farmers, denim dyers, leather tanners, and jujitsu rollers. Most of all, they will honor your sacrifice of a hard days work by making sure that you know that you are helping to take back America. All this through family, sacrifice, hand shakes, patriots, beards, boots, and denim jeans. Motivated isn’t the proper word… I am getting …
  • A great True faience earth conversationMiguelaguA great True faience earth conversation
    By MiguelaguPeter and friends brings down a true honest conversation about hard working… no more to be said.!
  • Huge fan of your mission!jwat11223344Huge fan of your mission!
    By jwat11223344Hands and Daylight podcast has been a great addition to my subscription list. And it’s a pretty short list. It’s great to hear about the aggressive pursuit of a USA-all-the-way supply chain in a package that is both entertaining and informative.
  • AwesomebigddaaddyyAwesome
    By bigddaaddyyAwesome. I wish I’d found this years ago.
  • Jobsite RadioAndyZimmermannJobsite Radio
    By AndyZimmermannIt took me 12 minutes into the first episode to recognize this is the greatest podcast ever! Listening to it on a job site working today (July 4th). The work never stops!
  • Cash moneyA Disappointed YakkerCash money
    By A Disappointed YakkerYUHTTT
  • Amazing!!Just a dude in georgiaAmazing!!
    By Just a dude in georgiaI love this podcast! I found it while listening to a few other podcasts that have a connection to Origin, and I have been enjoying it ever since. Great topics, great hosts, and great stories! If you haven’t already left this review to listen to an episode, go now…I’ll wait. Keep up the great work Pete and Brian and all the folks at Origin!
  • I was fourClarkarcherI was four
    By ClarkarcherThat was awe inspiring. I’ve never written a review for the many podcast I have listened to. This was by far the hardest but most meaningful one. I had to stop listening a couple of times because I couldn’t imagine what she had gone through at such a young age, the same age as my youngest son. For she and her mother to have the outlook they have on life is astounding to say the least. This one is a must listen for everyone and I intend to replay it for my kids.
  • Work EthicSpartanlaw15Work Ethic
    By Spartanlaw15This pod is worth its weight in gold if you know that hard work is the real engine that drives a prosperous nation. God bless Pete and the whole Origin team.
  • Great ShowBryVandyGreat Show
    By BryVandyMy first exposure to Hands and Daylight was when I heard Pete interviewed on the Jocko Podcast. I had very little interest in hearing about manufacturing, until I heard the passion about his company which oozes out of all of Pete’s pores. Now I can’t get enough. I love learning about denim or the first factory in America or listening to Pete and Brian talk about their successes, as well as failures. Keep up the great work guys. Love your products as well.
  • Go get to workrob@meansGo get to work
    By rob@meansEveryone in America’s workforce should be listening to this podcast. What they are doing at Origin takes some serious guts! I am honored to get to listen to their story as it happens. The podcast itself is very unscripted and natural yet not lacking in preparation. You are not listening to broadcasters. You are listening to men with a dream who have a lot of work to do and are cutting out the time to share their day to day struggles with us. Now stop reading these reviews, click play, and go get …
  • Great history and lessonsDan KileyGreat history and lessons
    By Dan KileyI have started to look at all of my past mistakes in business as “tuition payments in life” thanks to this amazing podcast. Not only are you able to see the growth and struggles of a up and coming company, but you a e also treated to some amazing history lessons too. The history podcasts are really well done and among my favorites. If you had the opportunity to listen to Jeff bezos work through all of his challenges and achievements as Amazon was growing wouldn’t you want that? Here is that same …
  • Love this podcastOl'bartLove this podcast
    By Ol'bartBeen binge listening to these guys. Love what they are all about. Love US made businesses. Love the perspective. Keep up the good work
  • Listen. You’ll learn something.(Reverse) Genie in a bottleListen. You’ll learn something.
    By (Reverse) Genie in a bottleAs a fellow New Englander, Jits practitioner and someone who works for a domestic manufacturer selling American made products to major retailers, this podcast hits home on all fronts for me. My favorite episodes are when Pete/B.Little discuss the behind-the-scenes business of Origin. Negotiations, growth challenges, thought processes about entering B&M and stories from buyer meetings all keep me hooked. Their transparency is refreshing. Keep em’ coming!
  • Exceptional PodcastRobert McDowellExceptional Podcast
    By Robert McDowellThis is a great podcast by people who are doing things right. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work guys!
  • Can’t turn it offBlack redlineCan’t turn it off
    By Black redlineI really enjoy listening to this podcast. I am able to learn and take something from every episode
  • Authentic American MadeAJHAINES88Authentic American Made
    By AJHAINES88Authentic American Made
  • Started great…bluedad824Started great…
    By bluedad824This podcast was absolutely incredible to start out, but the last 3 episodes have been a pure struggle to listen to. I know that there have been big events going on with camp and personal things. However, I feel like you shouldn’t just make a sub-par podcast just for the sake of making one. This is the only podcast that I have listened to every single one, and while I used to look forward to getting inspired on my drive to work Monday morning, not feeling it now. I’m going to give it one more sh …
  • Go Get To WorkOrtho WorldGo Get To Work
    By Ortho WorldI listened to every single episode in the last two weeks while getting ready to move to a new city. It was motivation for me to not use my two weeks off to “cruise” as Echo Charles would say, but instead to get up every day and get after. To use my own hands and daylight to build things and ready myself for the move. Those that say the American dream is dead need to look no further than Pete and Brian and the whole Origin team to realize that they’re wrong. It never died. It never had a foot in …
  • Can’t get enoughChase.1924Can’t get enough
    By Chase.1924This is one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve been a subscriber since the first episode and always look forward to the weekly download! Pete and Brian have a great banter that keeps you engaged in the conversation and the guests have been unique, interesting, and insightful. I don’t own my own business but listening to different, true entrepreneurs has been inspiring. I even was able to get my wife interested in the podcast with BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT, the episode where Pete shared a conversation wit …
  • Like A BossDaWhippLike A Boss
    By DaWhippPete Roberts is the man. I have a lot of respect for the actions he's decided to take as a real man in life. This show is the real deal. Find inspiration, and turn it into your own practice. Lot's of valuable lessons here. Much gratitude and support to you and the crew for all the magnificent things you do.
    By RaginTrainerThis man is on a mission! Fantastic podcast, fantastic content!! Making America great again isn’t a political slogan, Pete is doing it! Manufacturing here in the USA at whatever the cost!
  • Inspiring and HonestNikattamInspiring and Honest
    By NikattamMy family and I run a small, custom furniture business. We work with our hands on a daily basis. This podcast speaks to our core. Great job guys, thank you for the podcast! Let’s keep you in the top spots!
  • Inspiring podcast about American ingenuityAT NatenshonInspiring podcast about American ingenuity
    By AT NatenshonAn inspiring podcast about American ingenuity and work ethic. While Pete gets worked up at times, he brings on some really interesting and inspiring people. I really enjoy the point of view he brings.
  • Hands of prideCBNetMecHands of pride
    By CBNetMecEpisode 22 hit me. My father growing up worked triples as a prison guard and my mom worked full time. I spent a ton of time with my great grand father. I roamed the streets of Providence like any other kid in the 80’s. I remember my grandfather working as a custom tailor in downtown PVD and coming home and working all night tailoring on the side to earn. This episode was just awesome. Makes me relive the pride I had in my parents and grandparents and all the hard work they put in to provide. Kee …
  • What we needMJConnors3What we need
    By MJConnors3This pod cast is what we need to be listening to, learning from and implementing as Americans. Hands and Daylight.
  • Great PodcastGary3Great Podcast
    By Gary3Highly motivating podcast from Pete Roberts from Origin Maine. Great guests. Nice mix of business talk. BJJ talk and stories of American manufacturing.
  • Very coolMichaelDLarkinVery cool
    By MichaelDLarkinFinally got to hear from the guys Jocko is always talking about and they're the real deal. This is good stuff. Soak it in.